Monday, March 7, 2011

Hints of Spring...

There are definitely hints of spring around here! I hear songbirds in the mornings, and the air is beginning to have that wonderful hint of spring freshness.

I do apologize for my long absence from blogland.

I was without internet for a week, and before that, I was selling things on eBay to make money. Now I am gearing up for a new challenge; I am looking forward to it!

There is so much to catch up on, but the first thing is that I have been honored to write a guest post for TheGroceryShrink blog, about starting your own seeds! It will be posted at her website

Here are some I just planted today- Jerusalem Lettuce and Stock (see 1st pic!)

I'm delighted to be starting my own plants again, and hope some of you check back in for tips and ideas as I document this years' 'adventure'.

First off, I suggested using plastic egg cartons, if you cut a good size 'V' notch in the bottom for watering purposes.

To demonstrate, I stuck my finger through. :)

Here are the 6-packs in a flat

Here are professional strip planters, good for planting lettuce very thickly. At the right size of growth, the whole strip will pull out for replanting, connected by the root mass. Pretty cool!

Here are professional 'plug' seedling trays, with 162 holes. This picture also shows how my lights are longer than the shelve, but it actually provides extra growing room.

Here is the egg carton filled with soil. The lid has holes cut in it as well.

This little roll of stuff

my husband cut into pieces and bent

into brackets to attach the light fixtures to the shelf.

He's pretty handy that way.

This is a picture of the shelf, the potting soil, the light bulb package, and so on.

This picture was to demonstrate how easy it is to use, and the height of it. But since you don't know how tall I am, it's not that informative. Oh, well. Love me anyway. :)

Gardening Bessings to you all!



  1. Does that mean I should be saving all my plastic egg cartons for you? It would be much more environmentally friendly of me, wouldn't it?

  2. Visiting your blog has been like a breath a lovely spring air. Thanks!

  3. I'm so glad!
    Ruth- sure! I'll use them!