Monday, March 7, 2011

More Seed Starting Ideas

If you cannot afford a shelf for starting seeds, here are some ideas.

My friends used planks of wood stuck through those cinder blocks that have 2 holes in them.

You can even set the flourescent light fixture on top of the blocks if you don't have a good place to hang.

My husband considered hanging the lights from the ceiling with 4 chains hung screw-in hooks, anchored with sheet-rock anchors. This way you can set your plant trays on a table.

I'm so excited about buying some heirloom tomato seeds to plant. Now there is how to really save money. Buy seeds once and save your own seed so that you never have to buy again.

Unless you get bored and want to add some variety to your garden.
I get bored easily and I love variety!
I am sure to come home from the store with more than just tomato seeds. I can feel it!
Trying to be cheery on a dreary day,

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