Sunday, February 13, 2011

Catching Up and Casting On

Sugar is one of the food groups.
It must be, because I nearly died when I went without it.
I am joking.
Kind of.
I think the lack of sunlight and bitter cold caught up with me and my self imposed sugar fast pushed me over the edge into Seasonal Affected Disorder.
But never fear. During this week when I was not blogging, I was knitting.
I started a sweater and never stopped until I realized that I had messed up. The sweater might be bulletproof, it is so thick, and I do not have enough yarn to finish. The yarn is 5 years old, and the dyelot changed a few times since then! I am so proud of myself. I jumped in and learned alot.
Now it will be either a scarf or a bag.
Here I am modeling it.

And again.
I've noticed that most bloggers do not take pictures of themselves. I think that is odd. I love having my picture taken.

Here is my sleeve now. One of them.
And here is Paul Bunyan.

And you thought he was a tall tale.

1 comment:

  1. ROFL! Maybe the Pentagon will call you for military use here soon. The great Bicep Shield.
    And my favorite part is the knitting needles sticking out of your arm.
    Oh. And M & M have been proven to cure S.A.D. For realz.