Thursday, March 10, 2011

Soil Issues

The potting soil that I bought from a large-well-known- superstore for $10 is full of green moss, weed sprouts, twigs, and large roots and leaves. My husband is less than impressed. That could be a recipe for fungus and disease. This is the type of soil that I used in the past. It is a compressed bale of soil with peat moss, coconut coir, perlite, and other amazing stuff. The organic stuff is definitely my preference, but it is also definitely more expensive as well! This stuff is amazing! I want some now....

Here is where you can find a great selection!


  1. Hi Rachel,

    I found you through the Grocery Shrink blog. I think I am going to try growing my own starters this year. I have a florescent lamp that is just for people who need more light in the winter...can I use that for my plants? What should I be looking for in a lamp?

    Jill Farris

  2. Hi Jill!
    You're looking for a light that has full to wide spectrum. If your lamp provides that, then you're good! Hope your seed starting goes well- I've been amazed with my own!