Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Experiment

Ok, so I started this blog to blog about sewing, crafting, and maybe a little (hopefully) fun step-by-step instruction for beginners. But because I don't get to sew as much as I would like yet, I add things about my life, my children, and toys.
Because toys are so neat.
But my experiment is stemming from an email that I recieved yesterday, telling me of the evils of sugar. Sugar (supposedly) causes changes in your DNA decreasing your lifespan, causing fatigue, anger, mood swings, acne, and weakens your heart.
In an effort to eliminate
1 acne
2 belly fat
3 fatigue
4 mood swings
(In that order. :))
I will abstain from sugar for 30 days and execrcise every day for at least 20 minutes and see if it helps at all.
I WILL ALLOW maple syrup, honey, date sugar (dehydrated ground dates), agave, or stevia.
Just NO turbinado, cane sugar, sucanat, (blessed Sucanat- I love you!)or... sugar! Duh.
Look folks, I've done those yeast killing diets where you eat nothing but vegetables and meat and a few select whole grains. I got down to -100 pounds and looked and felt like a consentration camp survivor. I have my doubts as to whether the benefits of it outweighed the damage it did to my thyroid. So this experiment seems very mild to me, and within the range of normal.
My motivation is that-I LOVE having lots of energy. I LOVE having a stable mental outlook (i.e. no mood swings), I LOVE having a clear complection, and I ADORE having a flat stomach.
Yes. I am slightly obsessed. So here is my before picture with my messy bookshelves in the background. Forgive me. It was the best lighting in the entire house, considering that we are under a blizzard watch.
So there is my game-plan for going sugar free for 30 days.
(I will keep you posted. Oh wait, that's what blogging is all about.)
Love and blessings,
The Sugar-Free Seamstress


  1. Love you Rachael! Good luck on your adventure!

  2. Well I tried that experiment once but it was part of my fasting. I fasted from sugar for 6 weeks. It was harder than I expected even though I don't over do sweets. However, after hearing all my life how sugar can effect you in xyz areas I was surprised to find I didn't feel one single bit different as a sugar free person. Mind you, I didn't eat much to begin with. I'll just stick to trying to eat by the Word of Wisdom. I figure God's a wee bit smarter than all the fad diet's we human's come up with. :-)

  3. I didn't think you ate any sugar?! Where are you getting these few granules that you speak of eliminating? Nevertheless, good luck!

  4. I always crack up when I read that someone has given up sugar. Honey, agave, sucanat, glucose, by any other name they are simply sugar.

    That said, your choice to eliminate some of the sugar in you diet is wonderful because we all (for the most part) eat too much of it. Too much sugar, no matter what name you call it, IS bad for us.

    Loving your blog!