Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colonial Dress for Lydia Part 1

I have Felicity Merriman to blame for this one. (smile) My next project is one I am SO excited about! And it happens to be for this little girl. (Don't mind that little boy- he was just too cute to leave out)
She requested a "Felicity Dress". I chose Simplicity 5042.

She fell in love with this fabric at JOANNS in 2 seconds flat last week. Love at first sight. Period. So I bought it, because I love her.(Here it poses, fresh from the dryer. Always wash fabric before sewing, to ensure that your hard work remains the size you desire after it's made. Alrighty?)

And because it was beautiful. (Now folded-I'm being a good girl-but not good enough to iron it-I seldom do that.)

Well, the ivory eyelet contrast fabric just got deleted. Whoops. so sorry.

Measure the lovely subject.
1>Measure Bust,
3>Back Waist (Shown below-her measurement is 13"- can you tell?)
4>Finished Length.(leaving measuring tape at nape of neck, determine how long she wants the finished dress to be. Lydia wanted 47 1/2")
Write it down. Draw a picture if you feel so inspired. :)

I circled the view that I am making on the instructions. (View C. Except I'm not putting that poofy drape on the skirt)

Take out the pattern pieces and cut out the ones that are for dress C. I meant to take a picture of that. I am so sorry. It said to cut pieces 5,6,7,16,17,18,19,20,21,22. But I didn't cut out 22 because it was the drape, remember?!)
Below is the Bodice Front. See the Bust Finished Garment Measurements? Now class, based on Lydia's measurements, which size am I going to choose? If you said SMALL, you're amazing. ;)
I'm going to cry.
Now fold up all the extra pieces perfectly and put them back in the envelope. Yes, I really did this. And they fit perfect.It's just an odd thing about me. I love folding pattern pieces neatly. It does my heart good to know I can overcome the challenge.

Tap, tap tap, ...is anyone out there?

And finally, here is my pile of cut pattern pieces waiting for tomorrow! (You may notice I do not cut my pattern pieces exactly- just cut around them, but there is not right or wrong way. I do that because I usually have to alter a pattern for myself, and prefer to have extra tissue to work with)
This all took me 30 minutes to do, not including the wash/dry time.
So until tomorrow!
Lots of love and Blessings!


  1. I can't wait to see part 2! I'm in a sewing mood also, and I'm planning out Carrianna's Spring/Summer clothes. I want to get started really soon on them, as it will be spring before I know it!

  2. I know! That's what I'm doing too!